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  2. I have a challenge

    play MK 2011 on Tag Ladder mode and write about all the tag teams you fight romantically

    no matter how weird

    because Reptile/Skarlet freaks me out a little

  3. Important Lessons in MK 2011

    • The only way to save the world is to kill everyone
    • Raiden will kill all of your friends
    • Raiden will kill you after killing all of your friends
    • The Elder Gods are huge dick bags
    • Raiden sucks at riddles
    • I hate Sindel
    • If you love a character, they will canonically die
    • After beating story mode, you will most likely hate everything
  4. Noob Saibot: Bi Han

    Sub-Zero: Kuai Liang

    ( I have a hard time remembering their names so I’ll just leave this here lol)

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  5. Here’s a more realistic one lol, I don’t know if it counts as canon or not because I haven’t seen a clear definition of it in the game, but here goes:

    Liu Kang and Kung Lao are constantly challenging one another to get to the top. From the simplest things to actual battles while in the tournament. Liu Kang never really takes him seriously, it’s all just fun and games to him, whereas with King Lao, he puts on a cover so that Liu Kang won’t know how hard he’s trying. But truthfully, Liu Kang knows about it and isn’t ever really concerned that Kung Lao could beat him, since he’s the ‘Champion of Earthrealm’. He’s also a little too proud.

    After a while of competing, Liu Kang actually starts getting worried, specifically when he realizes how seriously Kung Lao wanted to be a part of the tournament (dressing up as a guard and sneaking on to the island— even if he was doing it for his ancestors it still meant he was determined). Just at the peak of his worry, when Kung Lao defeats Goro, [spoilers a little while after this] Liu Kang becomes extremely worried, because if he doesn’t have a high position, (he thinks) what does he have? [Here are the MK9 spoilers lol] Even though it’s a little dark, there was a part of Liu Kang that felt relief when Shao Kahn killed Kung Lao, he was devastated about losing his friend, but relieved that the tension was off.

    How does that sound? lol

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